How to Become A BetKing Agent

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            How to Become an Agent / Franchise?

            Kindly click on ‘New Application’ once you have accessed the link below;

            However, to become a Betking Agent, the following are required;

            1. Shop in a busy area
            2. The shop should have space for a Minimum of 5 Cashiers
            3.  Minimum of 3 Laptops
            4.  Minimum of 2 TV's
            5.  Minimum of 2 Thermal Printers for printing bet tickets [coupon]
            6. An A4 Printer to print fixtures
            7.  Stable Internet
            8.  Generator
            9. No BetKing Agents within 10 Minutes walking distance

            Once these requirements have been met, please proceed with the online application using the link above.

            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:42 PM
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