How to configure my Thermal Printer


             How do I configure my printer


            Answer/ Where To Find It

            Step 1: Connect your printer to power supply


            Step 2: Connect your printer USB cable to the computer


            Step 3: Install your printer software


            Step 4: Go to window and click on This PC


            Step 5: Click on the printer software and select Application DVD RW Drive (E:) Receipt Printer

            Step 6: Follow the instructions given by the printer software


            Step 7: Do a test print of the printer to ensure there is a proper configuration


            Step 8: Click on Finished or Done



            After Configurations


             Step 1: Do a restart of your system


            Step 2: Go to window and click on Devices and Printers


            Step 3: Right click on the downloaded printer


            Step 4: Click on Printer properties


            Step 5: Click on port and thick virtual printer port for USB 001 but if you are already in 001 then you can make use of 002, 003, 004 etc.…

            Step 6: Click on Apply and Ok


            Step 7: Click on General and test print page to ensure the printer is printing


            Step 8: Click ok

            Paper Settings

            For paper settings please ensure that the paper is placed appropriately as shown in the images below

            For Windows® printer driver

            Step 1: Open Printing Preferences.

            Step 2: Click the Basic tab.

            Step 3: Choose the appropriate paper size in the Paper Size.

            Step 4: Choose the appropriate paper type in the Media Type.

            Step 5: Click OK.


            Extra Information

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            Updated: 14 Feb 2019 12:10 AM
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