How to Register on BetKing?


            How do I register on BetKing?

            Answer/ Where to Find it

            Step 1: Kindly visit our website on 

            Step 2: Click on the Register button displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

            Step 3: Fill in your personal details for registration.

            Click on the confirmation button and submit.

            Note: Please enter your details accurately and ensure the details correspond with your Bank account details. The first name and last name on the personal details must be the same first name and last name on your bank account details.
            Extra Information

            Your password should be between 8 and 15 characters long, must not contain spaces, and must have a minimum of 2 numbers (0-9) and 5 letters (a-z), at least 1 of which must be UPPERCASE and 1 lowercase

            e.g. Lond123on

            For further assistance contact our customer support on 01-2777247 or send an email to 

            Updated: 12 May 2018 10:58 PM
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