How to set up my printer settings?


            Why is my print out small and not bold?

            Why is the print out too long and without games on it?

            Why is my ticket not cutting automatically?



            - Print out are small and not bold because of system settings


            - Because of system printing


            Steps to follow: (Screen Shots if applicable) 


            Step 1: Open your browser but Mozilla preferable because it has easy way of setting up the printer in a better way.


            Step 2: Go to “Open Menu” on the right side of the system

            Step 3: Click on “Print”



            Step 4: Click on “Page Setup” and unmark “shrink to fit page width” because it allows one to choose any number that fit into the thermal printer in the scale box.


            Step 5: Click on margins & Header/Footer… Margins (inches) needs to be changed to either 0.3 or 0.0 and might not necessarily be changed. This depends on the workability of each system.


            NOTE: - Please note that there are no specific or fixed settings to “Printer Settings”.

            Extra Information


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            Updated: 05 Apr 2018 11:10 PM
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