How to Place a Withdrawal Request


            I want to know how to withdraw from my account


            Answer/ Where to Find It

            Withdrawal via Bank Transfer is for Free.

            Withdrawals through bank transfer would take up to 24 hours after it has been authorized and are only auctioned during banking hours.

            Step 1: Log on to with your username and password

            (If you are an agent make sure you withdraw from your cashier's account to admin before making the withdrawal)

            Step 2: Under the user area menu on the left side of our website click on my account

            Step 3: Click on withdrawal.

            Step 4: Enter your 10 digits Bank Account number.

            Step 5: Click on the dropdown arrow

            Step 6: Select the appropriate bank name.

            Step 7: Input the amount to withdraw.

            Step 8: Click on accept to complete the transaction.


            Extra Information

            The minimum amount you can withdraw is ₦5,000.00 while, the maximum amount is ₦9,999,999.00

            For further assistance contact our customer support on 01-2777247 or send an email to 

            Updated: 28 Apr 2018 04:50 AM
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