Manual for Live League and Liga

            1.0              INTRODUCTION


            The BetKing virtual leagues offers customers simulated games patterned around popular football leagues (EPL, La Liga etc.) with a shorter match duration.

            Driven by innovation and building on feedback gathered over time, BetKing has introduced new virtual leagues namely:

            1.       Kings’ Liga – Virtual version of La Liga

            2.       Kings’ Live League – This is a unique virtual game because it displays real life English games. However, players will not be able to tell what past match clips will be shown till after bets have been placed.

            These new virtual leagues will be focused on the offline market (agent shops) for now and will be accessible via the following platforms:

            ·       Cashier interface,

            ·       Web Viewer,

            ·       Satellite view.




            Step 1: Log on to your shop website via OR  using your username and password

            Step 2: Click on Login


            If you’re Unable to Login, kindly follow the steps below to trouble shoot;

            1. Ensure that you have stable internet connection

            2. Confirm that your account has been successfully created and active from the Admin manager

            3. Also confirm that log in attempt was made on our official Betking website; OR

            4. Confirm cashier username and/or password is correct and in the right format (username and password are case and character sensitive)


            2.0              CASHIER INTER FACE

            After successful log, the cashier can click on Betking Virtual in order to access the new virtual leagues


            Main Page: The new virtual landing page is divided into 4 parts.

            1.       Top bar

            2.       Fixtures

            3.       Markets

            4.       Coupon Management

            2.1               TOP BAR

            The top bar has the following functionalities:

            a.       League Selection: Here, cashiers can select any of the 2 virtual leagues (Live League and Kings’ Liga) to display the fixtures over a 4-week period and markets for all the events.

                          The 2 leagues have unique background themes to differentiate them.

                          Kings’ Live League – Black Theme

                          Kings’ Liga – Yellow Theme

            2.2 Time of next round of matches: This shows the time of the next run of matches. Cashiers can also click on the forward button to display the time of the matches for the following week.


            2.3   Countdown Timer: This shows the countdown to the next run of matches. This usually runs down from 5mins.


            2.4   Account Balance: This shows the current account balance of the cashier account.


            2.5 Jackpot Bonus: This displays the 3 jackpot categories in the following order:

            ·       King Maker Jackpot

            ·       Duke Jackpot

            ·       Mayor Jackpot


            2.6 Results : When clicked on, this displays the results of all previous teams in the selected league with the matches to be played as shown below.



            You can filter by League, hour, and date.

            By clicking on one of the match sets, you can view all coupons placed under it. Refer to screen shot below.


            To return to cashier interface, click “Close” or “Cashier”. Refer to screen shot below


            2.7   Table: When clicked on, this displays the standing of all teams in the selected league with all other league stats as shown below.




            2.8 Menu: This displays cashier information, keyboard shortcuts and links to the league web-viewers



            2.9   Printer settings

            Narrow – It is always the default and is meant for small (58MM) thermal printers with the small paper roll


            Wide – This is better for agents who use big thermal printers (80MM)



            2.10           Check – This allows cashiers to query coupon codes to view the status of the coupon, print coupon and check other coupon details.



            3.0   Fixtures

            The fixtures section displays the League number, 4-week fixtures and scores market for each fixture.

            2.1   4-week Fixtures: Matches for the week are displayed here based on the selected week.



            2.2   Scores Market: Scores market (Correct scores & Total Goals) for each of the matches can be viewed by click on the ‘plus’ button beside each match.




            4.0       Markets

            This section of the cashier interface displays all the available market options for each of the events with their respective odds.

            4.1 Once an odd is selected, it is highlighted in yellow and also populated on the coupon list.




            5.0       COUPON MANAGEMENT

            Coupon management section is where cashiers can place bets (either by clicking on the odds or using fast codes), view recent bets and print betslips. (Refer to the image below)

            Cashiers complete bet transactions for customers by entering the stake amount and click on the proceed.

            Once the proceed button is clicked, the print page automatically pops up for the cashier to print the successfully placed bet.




            5.1   Recent Bets: Here, cashiers can view up to 20 recently placed coupons.



            5.2   Fast Bet: Cashiers can enter market fast codes in the fast bet field to populate the respective market options.

            Fast codes are keyboard short codes for different market selections.



            6.0        Web Interface

                        6.1       The web-viewer for each of the leagues, Kings’ Live and Liga, can be accessed via the menu button on the cashier interface.



            The web-viewer is the system that is displayed to punters at the agents’ shops to enable them make decisions on bets to be placed.

            The web interface has 3 views:

            6.2   Pre-match: This view displays the up-coming fixtures with stats (Head-to-head, last 5 matches etc.). It also shows a scroller with previous week’s scores, League ID and Week number. This view is displayed for 208 – 220 sceonds




            6.3   Inplay (Live): This shows all the games in play and real time results as they occur. As results are updating, the applicable market options are also highlighted. This view is displayed for about 72-96 seconds.


                          6.4 Results: This shows the results of the just concluded round of matches and it is displayed for 20 seconds.



            7.0       KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS     







            Automatically place the bet after selections have been made


            [Match No/Fastcode] + Enter

            Add event and market selection to betslip. Eg: 8/CS12 + Enter OR 8-CS12 + Enter.


            [Match No/Fastcode] + [Amount] + Enter

            Add stake amount alongside bet selection. Eg: 8/CS12/5000 + Enter.


            [Amount] + Enter

            Automatically enter stake amounts after selections have been made. Eg: [+5000] + Enter


            SHIFT + TAB

            Switch League


            CTRL + ALT + M

            Opens Menu Panel


            ALT + X

            Automatically select the area in position X (where X is a number)


            CTRL + ALT + X

            Automatically select the League in position X (where X is a number)


            CTRL + X

            Automatically select the week in position X (where X is a number)


            CTRL + ALT + T

            Opens League table


            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 06:37 PM
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